Ready to Meet the Needs of People in the KC Area?

Join us in this citywide effort to bring help and hope.

We're Better Together

We’re always looking for more organizations and churches that share the mission to meet needs of people in the KC area. Working together, we can see our city transformed.

How to Become a Help Giver

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Create An Account

Complete and submit your Help Giver account registration and we will reply soon regarding the next step

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Fill Out The Info

Establish your Help Giver organizational profile, add your Points of Help, and add your Events.

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Give Help

As people reach out to you for help through your organization's Events and Points of Help, be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Connect. Unite. Respond

Join with churches, ministries, businesses, and other organizations in a collective effort to meet the needs of people in the KC area.

Churches and Ministries

Learn More and Share with Others

Take advantage of this great resource to learn more about KC Responds and share it with your team.

Featured Partners

We are thankful for the following organizations and initiatives that are connecting with KC Responds at a high level of strategic partnership. If you would like your organization to be considered as a possible KC Responds featured partner, let us know! 

Meet Kansas City Responds

We hope to express and reflect the existence of the collective spiritual identity of our city, and that the united community of the citywide Church, with Christ at its center, offers an ongoing invitation to the discovery of every solution.

Get involved with KC Responds and be a part of this collaborative expression of the love of Jesus in the KC area.

Ways to Get Involved

Join this citywide movement to meet needs of people in the KC area. Get connected with KC Responds in one or more of the following ways.

Be a Help Giver

Create an account for your organization or church and join us in this citywide team effort.

Make a Donation

Invest financially in this collective work to meet the needs of people in the KC metro area.

Join Our Prayer Team

Prayer makes a difference — you’re invited to join us in asking God to work in people's lives.

Volunteer to Serve

It takes a significant team to facilitate and coordinate KC Responds — want to join us?

Be a Supporting Partner

Complimentary ministry along with financial support — would you join us in this strategic way?

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get your organization’s information on the KC Responds website, the first step is to create an account by filling out and submitting the registration form. You will receive communication soon after that regarding the next step.

Actually, KC Responds is not an organization, it’s a platform. KC Responds is facilitated by The Sending Project, which is a non-profit organization which serves the citywide faith community of churches, ministries, businesses, etc. as a neutral platform working with a diversity of pastors, church leaders, ministry leaders, marketplace leaders, and others from the Kansas City area.

KC Responds is supported by generous financial giving from churches, businesses, ministries, and individuals in the KC metro area and beyond.

There is no fee for adding your organization and its Points of Help to the KC Responds online platform.

After your account is approved, you can login to your account and update your information.

Information that is not published on the KC Responds website will be treated confidentially and will not be shared without your permission to do so.

We will communicate with you via email, text, and/or phone call. Let us know if you have a preference regarding which mode of communication we prioritize for you.

When you create your account you will have the opportunity to agree to the Help Givers Covenant, and then when you submit your registration form, the KC Responds team will review your registration and make a decision regarding your organization being added to the KC Responds platform.

KC Responds is a place where people can go to GET HELP (spiritual, emotional, and/or physical help) being provided by HELP GIVERS (KC-area churches, ministries, businesses, etc). In order to participate as a Help Giver, you will need to submit the resources your ministry/organization would be able to provide. In order to GET HELP, you simply search the KC Responds website and connect with a relevant Help Giver.

You can email us at if you would like to cancel your participation.

We need individuals, organizations, businesses, churches, etc, to help support the KC Responds help-giving platform. Your financial investment in KC Responds is vital to the continuation of this work. Contact Us to learn more. 

While many of the resources and services provided through the KC Responds platform are free, we realize that some Help Givers may need to charge for the help they are providing. Help Givers are permitted to charge for their resources and services; we encourage (but not require) Help Givers to consider a reduced fee structure for help they are providing through the KC Responds platform.

KC Responds is focused on the KC metro and surrounding area.