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Our Story

We are just getting started! KC Responds began in the Spring of 2020. Catalyzed during the COVID-19 pandemic, KC Responds has developed to now focus as an outward facing holistic collective expression of the faith community as it responds to meet needs in the KC metro area.

The Sending Project serves as the neutral facilitator of KC Responds and, in connection with Mainstream Bible Outreach Society, we plan to develop and implement professional marketing campaigns to help people of the KC metro area discover helpful local and national resources.

KC Responds is primarily a place for people to GET HELP…help that is being provided by various HELP GIVERS (churches, ministries, etc). We are excited to be creating shared awareness about what churches, ministries, and others are doing to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, both throughout and in various sectors of the KC metro area.

Featured Partners

We are thankful for the following organizations and initiatives that are connecting with KC Responds at a high level of strategic partnership. If you would like your organization to be considered as a possible KC Responds featured partner, let us know! 

Join KC Responds

The citywide Body of Christ in the KC metro area is diverse, scattered, and extensive! Too often, each church or ministry operates with little awareness of, and even less connection with, what other churches and ministries are doing to respond to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of people.

KC Responds addresses the opportunity for collective, synergistic impact, and doesn’t only advocate for it and encourage it, but it actually provides a digital online platform resource tool through which this missional impact can be accomplished.

Ways to Get Involved

Join this citywide movement to meet needs of people in the KC area. Get connected with KC Responds in one or more of the following ways.

Be a Help Giver

Create an account for your organization or church and join us in this citywide team effort.

Make a Donation

Invest financially in this collective work to meet the needs of people in the KC metro area.

Join Our Prayer Team

Prayer makes a difference — you’re invited to join us in asking God to work in people's lives.

Volunteer to Serve

It takes a significant team to facilitate and coordinate KC Responds — want to join us?

Be a Supporting Partner

Complimentary ministry along with financial support — would you join us in this strategic way?

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